Quiet Contentment

The things in this life that are so precious are usually the things we don’t think about. Like a moment of peace. Where things are quiet. The kids are happy, the world isn’t spinning so fast at this moment that I can’t keep up. I am in amazement of how wonderful God is, and how when things have been so crazy for months now, with sick kids, sick me, and money drama from my surgery, that I can take this moment that won’t last long and be grateful in it. Be thankful. Not let the moment pass me by without being happy for it.

The summer has so far led to nothing extraordinary. Unless you count the mass quantities of affectionate love from my girls. The knowledge that they see how there Dad treats me and they are learning. Faith especially. She even surprised me the other day. When we dropped off the girls. She wanted to have her Daddy meet Joe. Cause she loves Joe. She asked to stay up late last night so she could tell him goodnight when he got home.


The girls are growing so fast. Becoming so smart.

Love is also growing. As if it is even possible for me to love my Joseph anymore. Or him to love me more. I saw it over our weekend away at the lake. A brilliant escape. To see how sad he was when the girls had to go home. To listen to his sweet little professions of love all weekend. To watch him carve our initials in a tree. No one had ever done that for me before. IT was so sweet, and so meaningful to me. I have never been called beautiful, gorgeous or sexy so much in my life. Sometimes he will look over at me when he is studying and he will sigh, tell me how beautiful I am, and pat his chest over his heart. I am overflowing with the love that he shows me. This happiness is an overflow that flows onto everything. I never understood to the full extent by which they said to be happy with the person you love would that love overflow onto all aspects of your life. It is true. By and by even on the worst days, he is there and he calms my raging storms from life and puts me at ease so that I can enjoy the girls, and life and love so much more. I have never had that before.

So as I sit here. It is mostly quiet. The sounds of the kids at play in the other room, the sounds of Joseph taking a break from his programming studies to play some Halo, and me, just sitting here typing away. I am content.


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