Home Again

The battle to keep my sanity on the weekend that my ex has my daughters is finished for this weekend. The girls are back home and Joe and I are feeling better. It is amazing the changes that we have gone through as a couple. In the beginning I would half stress, half enjoy the weekend when the girls were gone. It was a chance to rest, and time to spend with Joe. Now that we have come so far he hates it when they leave. I hate it too. And now we wish nothing more than that we could keep them all the time. 

Everyday is a journey. A step closer to being the kind of wonderful family that 2 years ago I could only dream and hope for. God has shown me love that I could only imagine. I can say that I would never have known what this was like if my life hadn’t traveled the path that it has taken.

All the bumps that you suffer, big or small, lead you down a road. Your choices take you through heartache, suffering, danger, loss, peril. So many things that will impact how you choose to make decisions in your life later. The choices you make now, how you choose to deal with adversity is what will help you grow. Whether that growth is positive or negative is completely up to you. I have made bad choices. Dealt withe loss and the heartache from making choices that God had not intended for me. I am convinced that we can be spared if we ask for guidance.  There are times when we know we are off the beaten path. But we can reconnect, reconcile our hearts and find our way home. It may just be that on that walk back you find something more than amazing.

Something life changing.

Love like no other.

Something he was saving just for you.

I know you all probably get tired of hearing it. But I want you to love, be loved, and give someone a hug or send them one. (((hugs))) from me to you. I extend this hug for anyone who can’t find one right now. My daughters and I are proof that hope and love and patience can find you waiting for something you all didn’t even know you could find. Someone to spend your life with, and grow with.

Love big and without restraint. You don’t want to wonder later what might have happened had you loved the way your heart wanted to.


All my love

Lady X

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  1. it is tough indeed to deal with that but it is good that God has opened your eyes to the blessing and positive change. We had a very scary child custody thing and a lot of hyper stressed moments. Having to drive 8 hours to pick up a child after a week away was heartbreaking. Drama, craziness. Years later, we all look back and see God’s hand in keeping all safe and working his touch as only He can do. Great post. Peace, cheers and blessings.

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