Happy 4th of July!

I am excited! This time last year Joseph had to close and I spent what would have been our first fourth of July just with the kiddos and my brother and at the time his new wife. This year I get to have my love with me. It will be nice to see the fireworks together. I get to feel them all the time, now I get to see them and kiss him under the fireworks. Yeah yeah yeah, I am a mushy dork.

My fourth is going far better than yesterday. I decided to pay my traffic violation yesterday only to find out that I have a warrant for not paying it two days ago. DAMMIT@!#(*

So now I am a wanted woman, evading the coppers till my lawyer can get the warrants (yes plural) lifted. I get a warrant for non payment and one for not showing up on my appointed court date that they never let me know about. Apparently they don’t have to. It is a courtesy if they do. Since my address is right I must not have gotten that courtesy. So now I have to wait it out. Within the week the warrants should be lifted. In the mean time I am driving like a saint.

And of course it is not without ribbing. Yesterday on his way home, Joseph texts me and says, “On my way home to see my little fugitive”

Brilliant bastard. I told him so  too. He cracks me up sometimes. I laughed, I smiled. It actually made me feel better. Today my mom called me her felon. Wonderful. They are helping me get it all cleared up. Blech. Such a pain.


Drive nicely people. Don’t drink and drive and be safe this Fourth of July.



Lady X


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