Belonging to…

To feel as though you belong somewhere is something that people search for their whole lives. Not having a connection to something can make us feel lost. Like we are drifting. For the longest time I have wondered what it would be like to be rescued and to feel like I belonged somewhere. If I were to take a mental inventory (again) of my life and ask myself about connecting events, about God’s wisdom, about how he lays things out for us, about fate. I would tell you this. Everything happens for a reason. Most of us are too busy to remember or keep inventory of some of the smaller things in this life. I can tell you only this.

I have had many a wonderful, and awful thing happen to me. I have had dreams that have worried me, confused me, and some that have awaken thoughts of times long past. I can see the building blocks that were set before me, helping to carve my path. I can say that I have never been so glad that they led me here.

So many things that have happened have put into motion me being right here. God’s will, providence, fate. All of them belong to God. He just moves them in his own way. He led me here. 

And just like the blog states that I wouldn’t want to be anybody else. I also know that there is no place that I would rather be than right here in my life, right now.

For my love Joseph. Thank you God for him, thank you for bringing him to me, and I pray he will be amazing in school next semester, that he will rock it out, that he will succeed and that I can show him everyday how amazing, and smart and wonderful he is. Because he makes me feel that way every moment we are together. 

Every moment that I start to feel fat, or unattractive he tells me I am beautiful. No prompting. I didn’t ask for the compliment. Perhaps he can just sense that I need a pick me up. He tells me I am beautiful a hundred times a day. He kisses me more than that, and he hugs me as if he wishes he never had to let go.

You really haven’t lived or loved till you have loved someone who matches you. The heat generated from that alone is amazing. It is indescribable the way that it feels. 

A blog I venture to said it best:

A soulmate is a person with whom you have an immediate connection the moment you meet; a connection so strong that you are drawn to them in a way you have never experienced before. As this connection develops over time, you experience a love so deep, strong and complex, that you begin to doubt that you have ever truly loved anyone prior. Your soulmate understands and connects with you in every way and on every level, which brings a sense of peace, calmness and happiness when you are around them. When you are not around them, you are all that much more aware of the harshness of life, and how bonding with another person in this way is the most significant and satisfying thing you will experience in your lifetime. You are also that much more aware of the beauty in life, because you have been given a great gift and will always be thankful for.

Try to remember to love big. I know I harp on it. But it really is important. Jesus talked about it all the time. LOVE! DO IT! I promise if you love without reserve, without holding back (and without doing anything someone doesn’t want you to do) you will find yourself loved back in limitless ways. 


So this is for my Joseph. I love you. You make me feel giddy and happy and it is still the first kiss every time. 


Lady X


Belonging to…

My heart beats faster
My head swims
My body aches for a touch that is his

My body burns
My heart aches
My lips require just a simple taste

All day
All Night
His face in my life 

Captured heart
Captured lips
Captured body
Captured Hips

Beating faster
Perfect time
Heated Flesh
Passion Devine

All of me
All of him
A Perfect match
A Perfect win

He Captured my heart
He Captured my mind
Deliciously captive
Love’s prisoner entwined

My heart rests easy 
Lying in his hands
My soul longs for his possession

Again and Again


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