Planning this falls session on no cash for props is causing me to have to come up with interesting ideas. Since my brilliant photographer friend and I decided that we would do this once a year, I am trying to come up with ideas that require very little in the way of props. At this rate, it will be a tastefully nude set. That is pretty minimal if you ask me.

As I wrack my brain for ideas of what I could do my mind instead of worrying about what I could do as a theme is instead thinking of a place. Last year I did them in the most amazing bed and breakfast. There will be none of that this year. I honestly wonder what I could get away with in the way of the private investigator idea since we can use the photographers office for those ones. 

This idea appeals to me the most. I have always entertained in my mind, the idea of role playing. Rather than role play in this century I wish to do it in the 20’s instead. I tell people all the time that I was born in the wrong era. 

All the swirling thoughts that play in my head. Hmmmmmmmmm


Well if any of you lovely bloggers have any brilliant budget considering ideas for fun and creative couples portraits let me know. Whether or not I come up with something there will be portraits soon. I can tell you that! Even if it is just a mini session to wet the taste buds for a true full boudoir!


Lady X

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