She was crazy that way

Today’s blog post is from my 642 things to write book. The title was where I started. 



There were times when she was all dolled up. Her make up pristine. Her hair perfect. Not a stray out of place. Her lips full, pouty, and glossy. Kissably so. Those days were few and far between though. Her life kept her busy. Her days long. Her hair bedraggled, her eyes tired. He loved her all of these ways. The gorgeous girl who is ready to go out. The girl on his arm to show off. The messy girl, who was out of sorts and disorganized. 

His favorite vision of her was the tousled and messy haired girl. The playful pouty lips, swollen from his kisses. She would lay there in bed, blankets tucked up beneath her chin, biting her lip, teasing him with her dancing eyes and giggles. Making delicious noises just out of arms reach. 

And when asked one day, by someone who didn’t know her, how someone could behave that way. How does she love like that?

He replied, “She’s just crazy that way.”


Lady X

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