Desperate for his tender kiss

The most dangerous kiss
is not the passionate one
that ignites the fire
deep inside me

It is not the kiss
that expresses the depth
of how much you missed me
while we were apart

It is not the kiss that pulls
me into sweet blissful
distress, breathless,
longing, aching for
all of you

It is the sweet
tender kiss
our lips softly meeting
a tenderness so sweet
so deep, that it not
only stirs my heart
but ravages my soul

Blurs my vision
steals my breath
and rushes me through
the myriad of feelings
that my love for you

To say that I love him
is a crime. Words are not
sufficient to bring to life
the feelings my heart
my body
my mind
my soul
feel for him

To express it any other
way then in this simple kiss
is a poor testament

No one can truly know
how we feel, because they
cannot feel this kiss

-Lady X

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