So much to say about nothing

Poetry and prose lend me an outlet for scattered thoughts. Most of which bombard me at the strangest times.

My sister kept the girls last night to keep my mom from needing to wake up so early. It was my sisters first night off of work in like 3 months. So I readied the kids and took them over to her place. After I got home, Joseph and I found ourselves with an hour alone. A very rare thing. Of course we used that hour to discuss comic books, theories on jedis’ and Thor’s hammer. We researched the weight of it, the enchantment on it. It was wonderful.

There are times when the simplest things make me happiest. A rainy day at Six flags with all the kids, a quiet evening immersed in comic books and conversation. I really am quite easy to make happy. It requires so very little.

So this morning as I miss waking up next to Joseph and snuggling before we are bombarded by a bed full of beautiful girls on a rare day off, I feel poetic. Yet, in this poetic-ness I find myself at a loss for words to describe my happy state.

I suppose that in this moment, as I drink my coffee and contemplate the emotions that are currently overtaking me, I realize that I need a degree in English or perhaps literature, to truly find a way to pen words that I feel to justice to my giddy happy place. I want the intensity to be known. Those words are perhaps for another time.

I will blog again today, perhaps a long post, of the best in depth descriptions of my state of being. Until then I bid you farewell.

All my love,
Lady X

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