Skimming through pintrest, which is just terrible if you want to lose some of your day doing something pointless, and I found an image that spoke to me. I guess my perusing wasn’t totally pointless. The picture reminded me of a moment with Joseph, it was one of of those nights when we realized that we hated being apart. That even the night alone was far too much to bear. We had stayed up late. Watching videos from the woman’s perspective. (too funny, look it up) We looked at the clock. We knew we had already stayed up too late. He had school in the morning, (working on his programming engineer degree) and I had work. We just didn’t want to say goodbye for the day yet. 

We laid down, snuggled up. He whispered,

“I don’t want to go.” He breathed in deep with his face pressed against my neck. 

“I don’t want you to go either,” I said. “Just stay.”

He stayed. 

Something amazing happened that night. The relationship that started so slowly, so tentatively and full of fear and worry hit a magic point. Where the heart takes that leap. It finally has had the discussion with your head that you can jump. The person that you are jumping with is jumping too. You are not alone. So you jump. Once you have jumped, and you look over and see that you didn’t leap alone, your faith in the other person is cemented. It is an amazing feeling not to jump alone. 

So what was the magic picture that sparked this little wonderful moment down memory lane for me?





Lady X

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