She waits

The days is warm
But she does not play

She waits

Teddy bear in hand
Hair combed, dress pressed

She waits

There is no smile on her face
No rosiness to her cheeks

She waits

This night is like the others
Her eyes light up and dart to a passing car

She waits

She sits a little straighter
Her faith waning

She waits

The sun rushes down to sleep
Her mother scoops her up

She waits

A tear escapes her sad eyes
Her mother kisses it away

She waits

The wait is never over
For He always leaves her sitting there

She waits

His time is not for her
Too busy, too sick

She waits

He doesn’t know or understand
Resolve can be broken

She waits

One day
Before he knows it

She’s gone

For my little girls. They always are left waiting. Days between phone calls, sometimes a month in between visits. He doesn’t see that he can break them. He doesn’t see that he can lose them. Our faith in people is not impervious to damage. He will never know how he loses them a little each day he doesn’t call. He doesn’t see that every skipped weekend puts him farther away. I see it. My heart breaks for them. It is not my job to keep their faith in him. If I had faith in his character as a father then I might have stayed married. I am the viewer of a cruel show. Unable to help as much has I wish I could.

Love your children today and everyday. They aren’t kids forever. They will grow, they will leave, and what you have built now is what will determine if they think you are worth their effort In The future.

Always me,
Lady X

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