He loves me

His eyes search my face and they see something that I don’t. When I am at my worst, falling apart, world collapsing, he claims me as his own. Stealing me away from the darkness.

His body enfolds me in strength and tenderness.

HIs lips create organization out of the chaos that overtakes me.

His arms are the walls that steady me when my feet and legs fail to hold me up.

His smile is the the home of the happiness that I give him. It reveals his happy heart to me. It makes me smile and that is the home of his happiness that he gives me.

The inability to outgive is impossible. How can you out give someone who reciprocates what you need the same way they need it to?

HIs hands are where my knees get weak, the place where my hand belongs.

His eyes are the oceans to worlds of happiness that he has shown me.

His fingers trace the curves of my body and more so my heart. It is where I belong.

His strong chin is where the top of my head belongs when he comforts me marvelous much.

Pressed against him is where I feel whole. The world falls away. The troubles, the sorrows. The stresses that steal our joy. They do not exist in his arms.

His love still remains to me the most amazing thing. I have felt many loves. Different kinds. This is kindred. I am perfectly enveloped in his love. Every atom of my being knows and does not doubt this love.

In his love I have found security.

The last place I dare to mention is his lips.

Dare I say perfection?

Compare it to the sweetest tastes, the most calming seas and yet the most passionate and turbulent of oceans.

Deep, filled with longing and mystery. Never able to get enough.

Every kiss remains like the first.

I was lost from the first moment that he pressed those lips against mine. I have remained lost in his kiss, in his eyes, and in his arms.

I do not want to be found again. Leave me lost in him. He is the only one that need find me, and he is where I always am, so lost to him I am not.

Always found in him, always safe. Always.

What is wonderful and true is this.

He knows all of this and more. The trappings of a heart that struggles for words to match the feelings.

He is mine.

I am his.


Something different. Not sure how I feel about it yet. I shall come back and read it from my strangely distant perspective that comes from reading my own things later. We shall see.

Always Lady X

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