I love you

So a girl can have the best of both worlds. 

I have a secret. Shhh. Don’t tell. But this month, on New Years Eve, at 12pm, Joseph and I will be eloping. Eeeek! 

My little girls will give me away, some little handwritten vows at a tree that is more than a hundred years old Joseph and I will join together. To spend the rest of this life battling it together. All the good, the bad and the scary.

So what do I mean by best of both worlds? Well, I am still having a wedding for everyone else on April 13th. So Joseph and I get what we want. To be husband and wife. (He keeps calling me his wife to be *swoon*) And our families get what they want. To see a little wedding and get to be apart of it. Does this mean I get two anniversaries? I think so. Now he can get me two presents. 

So now I am in process of writing a little set of vows. Some personal way to express this love that has left me speechless more times than I can think of. Our rings are ordered, the minister is set. I am still trying to decide on a witness. With the year coming to a close I am more than elated that I can begin again. That I have been given the chance to do what I always wanted. Which is spoil someone,  be the best wife I can be. Someone who actual appreciates the hard work that I put forth for him.

As for my vows. I find myself searching old poetry for inspiration. No rhymes this time. Just honest truth in words that are beautiful and deserved and anxiously awaiting the day that I can recite them to my Joseph.

So to spark my creative juices I shall sit here and compose to words. Who knows? I may find my muse giving me all the inspiration I need ❤


My sweetest Joseph,

I promise to love you fiercely. I have found in you love I couldn’t imagine. 
I have found home in your heart, shelter in your arms.
My girls have known the love of a truly noble man. 
Something that as I watch, I fall in love with you more each day.
You have granted me a love I never thought I would know.
You have given me respect, honor and loyalty. 
I promise to love you till we can’t breath now and when we are old.
I promise to respect your dreams and you every single moment 
I was truly blessed to meet you, and I am blessed to be able to stand here
and become your wife. I give myself to you. Body, heart and soul. I am truly  
only yours.

Thank you love, for giving me more than I expected, and more than
I could have asked for. I love you.




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