I am blown away. Being a writer, I thought for sure that I would wow, with my written vows. I know that Joseph is a fantastic writer. And perhaps I am biased, but the vows he wrote wowed me and everyone else.  I will place them below and you can see how touched I was by his words.



As we take this step,
I hope you know that you and the girls are the best thing that has ever happened to me. 

When I met you,
My life goals existed merely to provide a bigger picture for me to pursue.
I didn’t want any kids. I didn’t want responsibility to anyone, because I had been through the experience that people
only tend to hold you back. You and the girls have given meaning to my life that is both real and refreshing.
Solid and grace giving.

You have given me a chance to see that I am strong.
But also wise enough to know when to use it.
The chance to use everything that I have learned,
and apply it to something meaningful.

More than all of that,
In you, I have found a safe haven.
A place to find comfort when I am battered and bruised.
A place to catch my breath when the world has me winded.

I promise to keep you.
To protect and cherish this bond,
support you.
You are my partner in everything.
My Lover,
My friend,
My soul mate.

I love you so much,
and I am excited beyond words for our life together.


Dearest Joseph,

You have given me love and honor today. Me and my girls are lucky to have you. I am so grateful to stand this day and call you my husband, and spend the rest of this life as your wife. I love you.



Lady X (aka Tiarra)



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