His Words

The gift of words.

Joseph adored his present. Who wouldn’t love twenty pages of pictures and poetry from their love?

So when he told me that he had written beautiful words for me, I was so excited. I wanted to share the, with you. Joseph has the lucky privilege of being left and right brained. He excels in writing, art, and math and programming and pretty much anything he decides to do. So if he wrote me something I knew that it would be heartfelt and amazing.

He call this “Your Gravity”

I want to get lost in you, Tiarra.
You are my everything.
However, in my efforts,
I give myself to the pursuit of knowledge.

You let me take control, you want me to,
And deep down I relish it, and desire more.
But you instinctually know when to take it away,
in a way that I need.

I get angry sometimes, but you soothe that impulse.
You know how you work magic over me.
I see the magic I work on you, too.
THAT is sacred to me. I would never abuse that.

You said it, whether you remember or not.
You said “You are my gravity.”

Gladly, I will be that.

As you are mine.

There is no force in the universe more mysterious.
There is no force in the universe as strong & as constant.
Gravitiy warps space & time;
it guides the motion of stars;
of galaxies;’
it bends light;
it never ceases.
It is the fabric of the reality we live in from moment-to-moment.

As a man (and only a man),
I could not hope to be more to you.

I take a step,
you will follow.

A man can not ask for more.

I Could not ask for more in a loving husband. I will pray, fight and take care of him all the days of my life.


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