He is my gravity

Once upon a time, Joseph, my beloved, wrote me a poem. He called me his gravity. In the small amount of time I spent with him today, my heart sang words of love and I wrote them.
I place it here for memory.  I have been overwhelmed by gratitude in this life today. For my girls, my husband, my family and my best friend.
Be joyful.
Love Always,


I built my life roots in God’s wordMy faith, the foundation of which I built 


My daughters are my seeds.  

Growing and reaching out for the winds

Waiting for the right breeze to pick them up and carry them off into adulthood

Him though

He is my gravity and he contains me inside his universe.

Through the hectic swirl of my emotions

He places all of me in orbit

Each moment its own planet

Each day a moon surrounding a world

His love has given me pause

Instead of the chaotic Meteor shower of my past

I am an organized solar system

He places me inside the stars of his sky

All of me special

Each aspect a sparkling ball of fire
He is the sun that shines down on my earth

His light rays giving growth to all that the light touches
I have grown in his light

I bask daily in those rays

My soul has been filled by this amazing


Only God could orchestrate such music 

And my heart beats grateful every moment in this light

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