My Wind

To my Joseph – Written June 3rd
The wind blows me here and there
Like leaves falling, I know not where
It blows through my heart
My soul my mind
Hollow and empty is the space it finds
But wait it whispers softly to me
The wind, the breeze, my secrets it breaths
My past, my present, my future
Laid bare
My thoughts, my feelings
Far too much too share
My heart, my soul, my love I find
In clips, in phrases, in images in my mind
A future that could not before be seen
A place for my head to rest
A place for my heart to believe
On his chest my face will lay
At my breast our children will play
At night is where our love will shine
And then true love will truly be mine
Tiarra Tompkins

One thought on “My Wind

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  1. you created a picture in my mind as I read your words, such a wonderful depiction of your true love

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