The Ledge

The drop is far. The path that leads to the edge of the cliffs is small. Certain death if you misstep. There is no going back, only forward. It’s windy and all you know is the endless fear that you just can’t make it. You might as well jump because at least then the choice was yours. It wasn’t your failure to walk steadily. It wasn’t someone behind you. The choice to fall and fail was yours. The wind blows and you feel that uneasy fear that you can’t make it. You won’t make it. Why did you step out onto this ledge? What felt so important on the other side that you stepped out in the first place?

Was it love, or maybe your dream that forced you out? Perhaps you woke up on that ledge, unaware that all those sure bets and choices you had made put you in a place you didn’t feel you belong.

The only sure thing is change and fear. Fear isn’t bad. For the most part, when it is healthy fear, it prevents us from harm and helps us make decisions that are best for our safety and our future. Bad fear holds us back, trapped in fight or flight mode. Instead of fighting, some of us flee and abandon our dream or goal. Never to be seen again.

Walking across the ledge to reach your dreams is hard, and it can be scary. Don’t look down. Just keep going. Soon enough you will turn around and see that it was nothing more than an illusion. The drop and fall didn’t exist anywhere but inside of your imagination.

Take power over your thoughts and keep moving. I believe in you.

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