It was always you

Slowly the petals fell, eyes closed, the fall took over and put all things to sleep. She was unrecognizable as she was dead to who she truly was.

Winter came, in seemingly endless slumber and Clothed in frost, appearing lifeless on the outside. So beautiful yet so cold and unmoving.

Spring came and with it you. You breathed life into her. The frost melted, her leaves turned green and flowers blossomed. Bits of who she was fell into place. Rebirth, and a new beginning as is always there in spring.

Before you arrived, she was thirsty like the flowers in the summer without rain. Like endless desert walks with no oasis. No distant city on the horizon offering hope.

Each moment after that breath of life gave new hope and new energy to her growth. She saw things from her own eyes and you loved her for it.

Moments and seasons passed, and with each passing season you gave her life renewed to stay awake and alive during each moment. No hiding or hibernation.

Instead in the Fall, as life and nature begins its preparation for slumber, you watered and bathed her in heat and light.

When winters frost came and threatened to bury everything in its lifeless cold, you wrapped your arms around her and provided her warmth and love through the bitter cold.

When spring came to make all things new you opened your arms to let her be reborn and to fly. Free to live and breath, fueled by the perfect love of just what and who she was to you. Not a fictional creation someone else would have wanted her to be.

And when it came time for you to transition into those seasons, she breathed that same life into you. Preparing you with the same renewed sense of self that you had unselfishly poured into her.

As she saw you spread your wings and fly, only to return home to her, she knew. In all that she had waited for, it was always you.

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