Be Joyful

It’s been a week, I am not going to lie. But now that it comes to a close on our mortal standards of a week. I am left reflecting that in all things we should be daring and choose joy. Not happiness which is fleeting and can change moment by moment, but daring and full of joy. Joy that can see the light in even the darkest moment.

When all looks bleak, still finding hope and still being able to smile.

I read so many books in what I do, hear so many gut-wrenching stories that make me realize that to our way of thinking I am more than amazingly blessed than so many others. But in having a conversation with someone the other day, I realized something.

We do NOT understand God’s ways. A friend of mine saw a picture of my daughter having a breathing treatment. She responded that she didn’t understand why God let children suffer. It occurred to me through that thought that God sees us all the same. There is no age difference. We are all just as fragile in God’s eyes. It is just like sin. We think that a lie is different than murder. But it isn’t to God. It is a huge thought to think that the God that created us sees us as just as fragile as an infant.

In all things we have a choice, to choose joy, to choose sadness. And if you are struggling with anxiety or depression and you are struggling with that choice, remember to reach out for help. Sometimes the choice is too much and too hard. There is no shame in needing help. If you do or don’t have the right people around you, know that I am always here and if you can read this, I care, I love you, and I want you to know that you can message me, email me and reach out. I am here, working daily to do the same thing. Choosing Joy even when it seems impossible.




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