He Always Knows

Yesterday we dropped the van off at the body shop for repair. After being smashed into at 80mph she sure deserves it!

Joseph drove me to the shop and back and when we arrived home we did something we have done a million times. I stopped, even though he was already walking away. Without looking at me, he knew I wasn’t walking anymore, and instead I was waiting for him to pick up on my body language that I required sugar.

He of course knew what I wanted smiled and kissed me. But it made me realize that instead of our time together the last near seven years dulling our senses to each other or breeding laziness, it has created a deeper threaded bond. And that moment reminded me of so many moments where I never had to speak.

So this was birthed out of those moments.

He always knows what is needed a moment before I do.

As if the cord that binds us sends electrical charges, signals of my impending need

He always knows

A pause, a moment. “I must kiss her.”

He always knows.

Without eyes meeting, without a touch he wraps me in a blanket of certainty.

He always knows.

Is it an embrace? A gentle kiss? A passionate undertaking? It matters not the need.

He always knows.

Is it a text, a call or a love note hand written?

He always knows

Time has not dulled the need for his presence nor has it created distance.

Each passing day brings that thread closer together, closing out the darkness and filling our space with light. Truly he is my penguin, the one my soul longs for, and a sense of comfort is ever present when he is in my thoughts.

No distance, or space can change or contain those threads.

I will always be awaiting when space and time are overcome by those moments.


Because he always knows.

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