When the World Stops

The world is spinning at an incredible 1,000 miles per hour. Every day goes by so fast and you wake up and realize that so much has changed. you have changed. Sometimes for the better, sometimes it is an awakening to begin again.

Time is the currency that we can’t control. But there are moments when everything stops. When a perfect moment happens and all is right with the world.


That moment happens daily when he touches my face.

To say I am spoiled is an understatement. It isn’t gifts or trinkets. But his time. Those stopped moments that linger. The feeling that I am treasured beyond human measurement.

If you love someone, are you showing them? Love is a verb, it is an action. Not just a feeling but something that must be acted upon moment by moment, day by day.

Oh love, that I could spent my every waking second wrapped in that stopped moment of your hand on my face and the absolute feeling of endless gratitude for this love we share.

Thank you Joseph. Thank you for your love, for the light you bring into my life and thank you for everything that makes up each day I have the privelage to call  you my husband.


Always yours,



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