Walking with Mary

Me: Mary how did you do it? So many terrible things happened to your son while he was on this earth, how did you handle it all?

Mary: It was a very interesting experience and when I look back at it now I see with full clarity the amazing plan that God had for me and for Jesus. But during that time I was confused and hurting. I didn’t know how to bear the full weight of what was going happen to him when I saw him on that cross it was the hardest moment I imagine that any mother should ever have to deal with is seeing their child die.

But look at us now. We are in this beautiful heaven and we know the reasons behind every tragedy that has ever been following us. Look at Jesus standing over there with the love of all of his people surrounding him. There are so many people here enjoying the love and grace of God because of what he did and because I stood aside and didn’t intervene. How could I in my selfishness deny all of the people who live because of him simply to keep him safe and with me? I am able to see with full clarity the love in his face as we all get to stand here and heaven beside him it’s more than worth all that we endured during that brief time that we spent on earth. I know that in our human minds during tragedy we don’t understand the fullness of God’s plan.

I among so many others have lost their children with no rhyme or reason. No bit of understanding to soothe us. But God’s light is there to guide our steps, and only Jesus and his comfort, though from so far away will give us any peace. Despite the suffering, there is so much that we can learn and be able to lean on his word will give us the strength to make it here. Look now, with us all standing here in glory, we can see the fullness of Christ’s love and God’s love and bask in that and know that every sorrow, every hurt, every pain that we suffered was necessary to bring us to the fullness of God’s love.

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