Rain on my window.

It would seem as though the rain and clouds will never part. Instead of cursing this moment of rain, let the water stream down your face. Let the lightning bring moments of brightness to the clouds. Let the water drench your clothes and let the water pool at your feet. Let it wash you clean. Let it take away the moments of doubt. Doubt in yourself, in your purpose, in your calling. Let it all fall away. Why? Oh, dear one, you are on your own team, let yourself believe in you the way you believe in others.
You are mighty, a force to be reckoned with, and no one can take that from you, but you.
The person who can truly change your life is reading this right now.
I believe in you.

2 thoughts on “Rain on my window.

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  1. That hit home today!!! Miss you tremendously, I hope you are well – would love to catch up when you have time.

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