And we danced

The perfect moment when the world slows and everything in my vicinity begins to hum. That moment is when you take my hand, you meet my waist with yours and we begin to dance.

It isn’t romantical in the sense of perfection. It isn’t as if in this moment our love is more or less perfect than it is at every other moment.

Not either of these things at all.

More it is a sense that at this moment as we move to unheard music, your vibrations and light match with mine and I can feel the notes, reverberating through my soul, creating a harmony unlike any other.

As you press your lips to my forehead, and as I inhale your scent the moment, the feelings, the music, it is all the exists.

It passes by almost as quickly as it comes, leaving upon me a perfect imprint of your music, the notes forever painted on my soul. And what is left as we part for the regular moments to come? And endless longing of that moment once more and the sweet anticipation of knowing that it will come.


7 years today, my love rescued me. This is for you husband.



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