Words are not enough

Words are a sad way to describe love. What could any human language manage to say that rings true?

Too small, too faded, to feeble even with the descriptive nature of words.

Love is too big, too bold, taking the word “too” and adding it in order to enhance a word so inadequate that we still feel under expressed in the meaning we want to convey of what it means to love.

To feel it, to know it, to observe it, is to understand how faulty, how insufficient the words we have been given are. How could they sketch the qualities that love, true love, adorns itself with?

Not decorated in jewels but instead by tears of joy, intrinsically designed by a master craftsman, labored over an entire lifetime to create something they felt spoke of the beauty and the love that was screaming to be shared from the depths of their soul

This, my love, is how I see our love. Too amazing for the words that I have. Too limitless for description. There is no picture I can paint for you that will show what loving you looks like.

No passionate story I could portray for you that would truly show what loving you means to me.

My love, you are made up from the dust of the stars. The remnants of creation of the universe. Taken by the hands of God and shaped into the love meant just for me. What a gift!

To have a work of art, created just for one person is to know the creator truly wants us to have who he shaped for us and who he artfully put together to be just what we need to experience a bountiful way of love that will never be able to be put into words.

I can only say this, and hope that the magnitude of my words are felt.

I love you.

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