To describe how you bring light into my life when all seems bleak or bland is without words. I love you more than this faulty English language can say. Perhaps if I spoke another language I could actually put it into words. But for now, this will have to do.

Oh me, love.

It’s the hair that rises on my neck and the prickle of goosebumps across my skin and the feel of your breath knowing that in only moments I’ll feel that breath and those lips and even those teeth, as they lay claim to what is theirs.

It’s the laughter that erupts from an unexpected pick up and toss on the bed.

It’s the feeling of swollen lips after the most incredible kiss

It’s the smile knowing that across my hips are the fingerprints of where you couldn’t get me close enough.

It’s the safety, the peace, and the pure bliss of my face on your chest, the feeling of your heartbeat, whether racing or at rest and the rise and fall of breath.

It’s the title that I bear, wife, knowing that I belong to you and you to me.

Even more, it’s knowing that we are partners in this life. Navigating rushing waters, following dreams, losing it all and gaining it back. It’s knowing that we can captain this ship together.

My love, my husband, my sweet Joseph, May I always pour into you, the way you pour into me. May you always see and return the desire to be together and may we always be seeking as we do this day, to be the best to each other and our girls.

I love you.

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  1. “…losing it all and gaining it all back.” Wow. That line seriously gave me goosebumps. Another powerfully raw written piece. I love it. Thank you for sharing, for being real, and for being you. 🙏🏼

  2.  I’ve told you before howthat I love writing that is pure, raw, and real. This latest piece from you is all of those things. The line that caused me to pause was, “…losing it all and gaining it back.” I love that. Thank you

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