Where are you going?

Where are you going?

While I was driving to My middle child’s allergy appointment I thought about the hundreds of cars on the road. Where is everyone going? I thought about dance recitals and plays, jobs and summer school. I thought about hospitals and funeral homes.

I thought about final goodbyes and burying loved ones. If anyone else is like me, I get frustrated with the aggressive drivers and the passive ones. Our culture is in such a big damn hurry all the time.

I thought about how if I slowed down and had more patience, that maybe even though I’ll never know, maybe that extended grace in the car might save someone’s life.

Be patient with this world. We all seem to be in a hurry. Slow down. Maybe God put you in that traffic jam for a reason. To think, to pray, to remember to slow down. For whatever reason, have grace.

This world still needs you.

Old post I never shared here.

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