in·fin·i·tes·i·mal (/ˌinfinəˈtes(ə)m(ə)l/)


extremely small.”an infinitesimal pause”

minute, tiny, minuscule, extremely small, very small

Our universe is so expansive. To consider how big we are in the grand scheme of things is to become overwhelmed by the magnitude of creation. We are in fact infinitesimal. So very small in the world, in the universe and in so many ways.

So why point out the obvious? We know we are small.

Because to think that God created each of us uniquely just the same way he created the stars, the planets and the expansive space that occupies millions of galaxies is incredible and amazing.

Most days, I feel infinitesimal. Small, hardly noticeable and surely not as special or as talented as so many others God has given gifts too.

But this is a lie, while yes, I am small, I have a big God who stands before and carved my path. No matter what happens, I need only call on him and I find my way back. “The light for your path is over here.” God says to me.


If only we always followed his slowly lit steps. At least grace tells me that I can always come back, lay my head on the lap of my savior, creator and Heavenly Father and find myself covered in peace and forgiveness that I can’t earn, that I don’t deserve, but that I will gladly accept every second, every moment of every day that I am gifted breath.

If you find yourself feeling small, and maybe even overlooked, remember your God is bigger than this world, and because you(we) are small, he can carry us in the palm of his hand.

Always Grateful,


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