Knowing His Word

This morning, while doing my bible study, I realized something wonderful. As I continue to dedicate this time to God every morning, my fingers more nimbly find where I am going in the word. I more frequently find I know where I am going. And even this morning, as I opened up the word to find a scripture based on exactly what I had made as an accompaniment worksheet to my morning study.

That inspired me to pen this.

He will train us up. If we let him.

My fingers have learned to walk His pages. The letters of His words, the shapes proclaiming His love for me. “Oh Lord, most gracious Heavenly Father. That I would lay my head in your lap and listen as you yourself put voice to the words of your creation. The creation that I fell in love with during the gift of my life.”

Oh, that my fingers will continue to map your holy words. Engrave them on my soul! Feed the Holy Spirit with your truth and emblazon me with your word, your fire.

There is no wrong page I could turn to. Every word, every syllable, every precious letter is more food to fuel the fire you have brought to life in me.

Thankful seems weak and too small for my God, and so I ask You, Heavenly Father, Lord, keeper of my eternity, impress upon me the imprint of your divine instruction and continue to hold my small countenance in your hand. Safe, loved treasured and yours.


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