The Empty Room – Part One

She walked through the halls of heaven with the curiosity of a child. The world made new, the old world of pain and anguish had passed away. Heaven was everywhere and it was filled with so many people that every day she had the chance to meet someone from a time and place that she had never been. You simply could never be bored when there were so many stories to hear, so many places in the universe to go, and so much time to spend sitting and listening to the Father himself recount the stories of creation.

Door after door, she walked the halls, each door with its own purpose and place to go. The hallways were long but everything was so bright and open that the space seemed to be filled with sky and the openness of freedom. So many doors and so many places to go. This door could lead to a planet in a far off galaxy, or perhaps it could lead to a mountain top picnic with Jesus. You just never knew and it made for every opened door to be a glorious surprise and all the more fun to open and explore each one. She had an eternity to explore them after all. As she walked past each door, she noticed a door that she hadn’t been through before. Inside her spirit she knew she had surely been in that room before. But why was no one going in this room?

The large ornate door was laid out with gold, cherubim were carved into it, and visions of the clouds. Everything in heaven was alive and she could watch the littlest of angelic hosts flying through the clouds, sounding trumpets and worshiping inside the carvings. The wood and gold expertly melded together creating a picture of hope and gladness. Despite the beautiful work of the master carpenter, she felt a heaviness just standing next to this door. She placed her ear against the door, that child like curiosity to know more soaring and in this place, there were no limits to her imagination. She giggled knowing she could never possibly guess, and she reached out her hand and pushed it open, needing to see what was inside.

The sheer size of the room took her breath away. The room was vast and as she looked over millions of rows of seats. She knew at once that everyone in the universe had sat in this very room. It seemed to go on forever. Row after row of empty chairs, each one with its own name delicately carved into the seat, each chair special for that person. She briefly wondered where her seat had been. It had been several millennia since this room had been used.

Gazing out over the endless sea of chairs, she knew each seat had its own story. She walked each aisle with intention, touching each chair with love and respect, reading each name out loud to see if she could remember meeting that person in this new heaven and earth. Sometimes she would get a glimpse in her minds eye of the person whose chair she passed and it brought a smile to her face as their story would unfold to her. The chairs that she passed of names she didn’t know, she would pray that someday she would meet them as she continued her journey towards the throne.

She realized that she had wandered in the judgement room. This was where the final days of old earth happened. When the last war was over, the last days that sin and evil would run rampant on God’s earth, every one came to this room. The final day. It seemed as if that happened an eternity ago and yet the weight of that realization felt overwhelming. As if perhaps all at once she was experiencing that day again. She looked down at the chair she was closest to, Margaret Maybelle Masterson. She wondered who that was, about her life and what happened to her. She sat down in Margaret’s chair, thinking about the old world and waiting for the heaviness of that last day to fade. This room held within it, an intense finality. In this room, decisions were made that could never be changed.

She stood again, glancing one more time at Margaret’s name and chair and proceeded the center aisle. She looked onward to the main walkway that ran down the center to the end of the room. As she walked, the enormous throne of God came into view. Despite the throne being empty, excitement welled inside her spirit as she began walking faster to reach it. The rows and rows of names continued to pass on each side of her and yet it felt as if they followed her. The pull of every single story of humanity trailing behind her as she approached the empty throne. As she got closer, stacks of books and papers began to come into view. Stacked next to the Throne of Three.

The judgement throne stood, even in its finality, as an incredible testament to the victory God gave His children over death. The Victory of our Jesus. Everything in all of time and space was a standing testament and vision of the love of Christ. He had overcome death; He had won the war long before the day this room saw its last use. It was an awe-inspiring sight and she fell face down at the feet of where she knew her Lord had sat when it was her turn to stand at His feet and accept her fate.  Her heart cried out in tears of joy knowing of what would lay in store for each name that was read from the Lamb’s book. Each person that God looked at, claimed and His own and proclaimed,

‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’

Matthew 25:23

As she lifted her face to wipe the tears from her eyes, her gaze was met with that of her precious Jesus.

“Why are you in this room my child? It serves no purpose anymore.” His face, always beaming, looked upon her with love and curiosity. With complete concentration on her and what she was thinking alone. Jesus gave every person that full attention and sense that in that moment, they were the most important person in the universe. It made you want to worship even more!

She reached her arms out to embrace her savior and he encircled her in their safety. Moments like these were the best part of being here.

“Lord, there are so many chairs. So many people I have never met. Are they all here with us?”  

Gazing again out at the vast room and the endless rows of chairs, the names, the lives. It was spellbinding. She thought about the feeling of each letter as she had run her fingers the names that she passed. They had felt love and loss, they had families, memories and dreams. Where were they now?

To be continued…

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  1. What an awe-inspiring concept, that in heaven we get to share fully in each precious story of we, the Created, wholly and holy…relationship mattering as intended, from conception to death to eternal life.

    So beautiful, Tiarra, thank you!

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