The World Needs You

This month can be bittersweet and tough for so many. I lost a baby that would have been 15 years old this month, my dog passed away yesterday a year ago, and I know so many of you are looking at a holiday without someone that meant the world to you. Let’s be honest, a time that is meant to be happy and joyous isn’t that way for everyone.

If you need an ear to vent or cry to, if you need a virtual (or real) hug, if you just want to talk about nothing because your soul hurts, call me. Message me, we can get coffee, or tequila, or whatever you need. Know that I love you, the world needs you, I need you, and I’ll do my best to move heaven and earth if it affords you even the smallest amount of peace in this broken world.

May this holiday be one that blesses and may you have God’s peace.

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