What season are you in?

Living in this human construct of time, it is amazing to think about how hard times always seem to last forever and the good times blaze past us so fast that if we didn’t have photographic proof, we may wonder if it really happened. That brings me to the question of the morning.

What season are you in? I think that we often try to label a time in our life one way or another, but instead, I have been working to change my thinking. Instead of a season as we know it, something that is lengthy but has many pieces, I think about the different seasons residing inside our every day.

If you have been on social media this week, I am sure that you have seen the memes recounting how long January was, and how brief February has been. I can relate to that when applied to this whole week. I feel like I have not only been through too many Texas seasons this week in the real weather world, but also have weathered many seasons of life in just a short period of time.

No matter what season you are in this week, I challenge you to see God in every moment. It isn’t always easy, but you will get better at it. Everything good comes with practice.

As I studied God’s word this morning, and continued learning about David, the man after God’s own heart, I watched as his world continued to crumble from his own sinful choices, it reminded me that no matter where I am, God has always been here with me all along. He has never departed from me, never removed His favor or grace. He patiently waits outside of our earthly construct of time to see us transform from the consequences of the choices (good and bad) we make.

Why is it so easy to lose sight of God when things are hard? In 2 Samuel 16:11, David who was on the run from his own son, and at risk of death and the complete loss of his kingdom came across a man named Shimei. This man threw rocks at David and his men, cursed him, and followed him, throwing dirt and hate. I don’t know about David, but when I am being beaten by the world, somehow I think I deserve it. David must have too. When Abishai requested to avenge David from this attack, David shrugged it off.

“My son, my own flesh and blood, is trying to kill me. How much more, then, this Benjamite! Leave him alone; let him curse, for the Lord has told him to.”

Imagine, you are the king, your son, whom you have deeply hurt, seeks to take your throne. You are still working through the death of your first born son to Bathsheba. The child’s life payment for the sin of that entire torrid drama, and this man throw rocks at you and curses your name. Instead of the strong confident warrior, we see David responding in defeat. My own son has rejected me. No one else can hurt me more than that. Let him throw stones and curse me. I probably deserve it.

Have you ever felt like you deserved the punishment of your circumstances? I know I have. It is clear that the enemy will see us making steps to heal and that is his cue to take the strength we are gaining and discourage the spark of hope that has begun to grow. Healing and recovery from any life event, betrayal, death, loss, humiliation, and even shame, are all the enemies stomping ground. His goal is to see you wrapped in chains that bind you from ever taking the mess that God has already forgiven in Christ, and seeing it made into victory.

I know that all of this is easier said than done. When we are vulnerable and hurt, our eyes get clouded and we react instead of discerning what is happening. Stress and grief are what cause us to make life altering decisions too quickly. The truth of anything is, we are so very fragile when we feel broken in spirit. Pausing and being patient in discernment and prudent in your action will help you reduce the number of thoughtless reactions that can cause you and others more pain and suffering in the future.

What feels hard this week for you?

For me, the bouncing temperatures, a shattered and ruined computer monitor, bald tires, a lost birth certificate and an expired drivers license and many more things really made parts of my days hard. Watching others struggle through stroke, diagnosis of life altering illness and waiting in steadfast prayer for those who are inside the tornado of treatment to be freed. It is so hard when those you love are struggling and your only tool of defense is to pray. Luckily, that is a most powerful tool!

I muscled through these moments, choosing to find the light and the lessons to be grateful for in the chaos.

I was able to renew my driver’s license online after all, (even though it didn’t work the first time) my wonderful husband brought me home a replacement monitor, I am getting tires tomorrow and I am catching up at home. I could have let those rough pockets of problems ruin entire days. It would have been so easy. Just pout and go to bed. I wanted to. Disappearing when everything wouldn’t work seemed like the most logical choice. Instead, I prayed, a lot, I asked for God to fill me up instead of this world, and I chose to see, even in the hardest moments, either a lesson or a light.

We have a choice we can make when things are collapsing all around us. We can choose to be hopeful in the faithfulness of God or we can let the enemy make us believe we are on the losing team. Sweet soul, you and I are complete in Christ Jesus. He has already won, and do you know what that means? We have already won too! The burning of our souls quenched and saved through the sacrifice Jesus made for us. We have only to claim the grace and forgiveness to live in victory. Even if that victory is just one moment at a time.

In every hard moment, forgive yourself first and breath out the lies of who you are. You are a son or daughter of the living God, healed and forgiven by Christ. You get to choose how you feel. Crawl up in bed, call on your heavenly Father and give Him gratitude for even one moment of rest.

I am praying for you, that peace and love would inscribe themselves on your heart. That you would heal from things that you have done and that others have done to you. But know this, even if this season in this moment is too hard, and you are too overwhelmed or too hurt to try today, you can always try again tomorrow.

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