No Fear

How long, oh Lord, will you forget us, how long Lord, will You hide your face from us?

How long are the days we anxiously await your presence?

This world too loud, too selfish and too broken.

As if the dirt itself is saturated in humanity’s sin to such a degree that it has infected the very ground that we walk on. The pathogen of sadness, fear, and anger igniting a world to such chaos that we are overcome by the abundant proportion of doubt and punishment we each are forced to take.

Instead of the grace and mercy of our Creator dominating our hearts and spirits we have too long been immersed in fear. A fear that has NOT been rightly placed as reverence to our God, but instead a fear of each successive moment to come. Uncertainty of what each second may bring.

Fear that others may see us for exactly who we are. Imperfect, broken and lost children who have been deceived by the enemy. Our very thinking corrupted to believe that we have been abandoned by God. How could we believe that our God, who fashioned us in His likeness, could simply forget us and no longer regard us in the same light and love as He expressed in those moments of creation?

Alas, we have lost our purpose from God, believing the lies of this world. Accepting the tainted value of who we are and believing ourselves to be worthless and wasted. Discarded and forgotten. We cover our eyes and blot out our vision because to look in the mirror and truly see ourselves would mean death. The lie of who we see reflected back is so much more than we can bear.

But God! The endless wait for hope is over. Someone stands near, and as we cower in fear that this next moment may indeed be our last, the energy of fear we had been living in for so long lingers no more. Instead, an overwhelming sense of peace begins to reside and again the fear begins to try to rise up. Fear does not want you to become imbued with hope as then it would make way for the expectation of greater things than before.

With the gentle love of our Savior, the covering that had obstructed our view for so long is pulled away. The darkness of our lives exposed to His light and penetrating each dark space we once thought hidden with the light of perfect grace and perfect mercy. As our vision begins to adjust to the light we see our savior standing before us, holding in His hand the darkness that covered us. The light of truth so bright that before we could even say a word, that darkness was gone. Defeated by Christ.

To look upon His face was to see Him beaming with forgiveness and mercy. We fall facedown, overcome with fear and trembling. Not the fear from before. Not the debilitating fear that had stolen life from us. Instead, this fear was the true reverence of the One True God.

Jesus kneels down to see us face to face and extends His hand of forgiveness.

“You need only take my hand to claim this victory. We have already won. You have nothing to fear of this world any longer.”

Taking His hand, our sin nature melts away, and His nature replaces our own.

Our mercy to others, limitless.

Our grace without match.

Our forgiveness only rivaled by that of our Christ Jesus.

“Now go, abide in me and I in you. Go forth and show this dark and hurting world that there is yet hope to be had for the future.

“Before I go, I leave you with one more thing. The friend, The Holy Spirit…will make everything clear for you…I am leaving you well and whole. That is my parting gift to you. Peace. I am not leaving you in the way you are used to being left. You will not be abandoned or bereft. The peace I give you is not like the peace the world tries to give. So do not be troubled or afraid.

Refresh yourself if my spirit moment by moment, hour by hour and day by day. Be the joy and hope of this world in all times. Not just times of happiness and success, but in the times of sadness and grief. That is my light and that is when you will shine so brightly that whatever battle you may be in, your victory is claimed and assured. I will return to my Father because that is my purpose and your purpose of this life.”

We are the light of this world. Despite pain, loss, and suffering, we can share something with the broken that is more valuable than the material things of this world. It is the eternal hope. It is the repaired bridge between us and our Heavenly Father. It is the promise of things to come. The expectation of things hoped for. It is not for us to wish these things, but to truly claim them as we have been commissioned by Christ.

In all these things and in love, go forward in His love, grace and His peace.


Passages taken from John 14: 25-28

Psalm 13

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