Just a Prayer

Father God,

Death is so close and yet so far from us. Time, the human construct of counting the days leaves us wildly distraught as so many we love go before us to a place we cannot yet be. There are no words to fill the empty spaces that each of your unique creations leaves behind. As unique as the very fingerprints you have given us, those holes never truly disappear. Instead fade into a sense of near unbelief at loss and a tired and impatient understanding of the unanswered question. Why?

No explanation or creature comfort to afford us the abundant feeling of peace we seek. Only in Christ, can we see things in a fuller eternal sense. The pain still there, but instead of a gaping wound bleeding and pained, a bandaged place with the dull ache of loss and now deserving of the time needed and given to heal.

God, creator, redeemer, and friend,

Soften our hardened hearts towards all of your creations and let your holy commandment to love be our desire as we follow you, always. Let us live unabashedly, in full, and leaving no one out. Then, and only then, living by and in your love, will we experience your gift of peace and give you the fullest measure of praise and glory that your sacrifice and forgiveness is deserving of.

In all things, let us remember your extravagant love, and let us pour out our love for a hurting world the same way you poured it out for us, at Calvary.

Gracious God,

Clear our minds to hear that still small voice that waits to be heard above the noise, and in all ways, forgive our sadness and doubt, forgive our mistakes and our anger, and more than anything, generously continue pouring in and out of us, the love that truly heals all things.

In the mighty name of Jesus, and the world said Amen.

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