He is Faithful

It is the last day of a year that has caused much grief and uncertainty for so many. It is powerful when something happens that impacts our global world. Despite the things that have kept all of us disconnected and “different” for so long, a virus has come along and given us all a common enemy.

This year has driven so many people to seek their Creator. It has also driven wedges in families, seperated us from those we love, and created financial tensions, burdens and worries that have stretched our faith in God and in humanity. I have not been immune to the impact of Covid on my family and what our lives look like. As we stand on the end of a year that will live in infamy, I pray that you walk away with these thoughts on your heart as we begin a new year.

This year has given us a unique chance to show more mercy and grace. This chance is always available, but now, knowing ALL have been impacted by a common factor, we can bear each others burdens and griefs with more compassion and empathy because we have all been touched. As you look over your 2020, I pray you have been given grace by others, and I pray you have had moments where you have done the same.

As our world recovers from this global “time out” let us surely see this as a reminder from God that we are all the same. Our differences we boast of are surface level. What lives beneath the color of our skin or the label of our gender is the flesh and blood creation of a mighty God. Every person you see is someone Christ died for. You may not like them, or how they vote, but they are still a living and breathing miracle that God wants to redeem. For me, my big question to myself is, “Am I treating others as Christ would have me? Am I seeing others through the lens of what He did for all, or through the lens of my own ignorance and self righteous beliefs?”

There is one thing that I know for certain, I couldn’t have made it through this year without clinging to the very faith, forgiveness, and restoration that is promised by Christ. It has been tested many times, I am grateful to know that trials continue to come. That may sound crazy, but if I am still being refined in His refiners fire, it means He isn’t finished with me yet. He isn’t finished with you yet either. There is no place too far for God to bring you back from. Trust me, I know.

This morning, as I write you my final blog post of 2020, I reflect on my bible study notes. I share them with you, in hopes that perhaps, a little more hope, a little more light, and just maybe, a little more faith will encircle your heart and give you some joy as we all prepare to usher in another circle around the sun.

Who am I?

“A beloved child of God. Royalty. Beloved by the King of Kinds, and the Lord of Lords. Purchased and saved by the blood of Christ. Called, to serve the Living God. Gifted, to receive the promise of an eternal inheritance. Alive, to put away sin by the sacrifice of Christ. Intelligent, set to understand and give glory for God writing His laws upon my heart and on my mind. Worthy, to give praise and worship that my sins and lawless deeds, He will remember no more. Forgiven, to offer and give more forgiveness as I have been forgiven. A beacon, to be a faithful witness, shining light in the darkness so that no one is left behind. Called, to build and lead in community. Armed and equipped to understand I am not called to live my life of faith alone. Because HE is faithful, I will be faithful. God’s word is solid. His promises true. Not a single syllable He has spoken will come back empty or void. I am wanted and known and I will be still and at peace knowing I can, at any moment, go directly before my Heavenly Father with prayers and petitions.”

You are more than the fleshy body you occupy here on earth. You are a miracle, a unique and priceless human that is loved, adored, and forgiven, all you need to do, is believe it. I know that is the hardest part. And trust me when I say that having faith isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. It isn’t always easy. Especially when to be a Christian means you have to put up with all of the BS stuff and clichés people have come up with. Life isn’t perfect or easy as a follower of Christ. But, I can promise you one thing for certain, and it will change your life forever.

It is worth it.

Happy New Year, blessings of Hope, Love, Joy and Abundance for this New Beginning for Us All.

In Him,
Tiarra Tompkins

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