For 13 years, Tiarra has worked with OnFire Books to help authors create incredible books and share their legacy. As she has reignited her own writing, she shares what God shows her through her studies in hopes to inspire hope and give others the motivation to find their own way into a deeper and meaningful relationship with their Creator.

With her crazy house full of one upgrade husband, 3 beautiful children growing way too fast, 4 leopard geckos, 1 crested gecko, 2 Texas spinys, 1 Bahamian anole, 2 turtles, 3 dogs and some fish, she has her hands full, but her heart is full of love and the journey just keeps growing!


A message from Tiarra:

I am always amazed at the way things come together before a post. I don’t post daily, not because I don’t want to, nor is it because I won’t make the time to. If God wanted me to post every day, I would. I am eager to share whatever revelations that He gives me.

What I have noticed is the as my relationship gets deeper with God, he has put it on my heart to write here again, and even though I will be sitting in my magical 4am quiet time with him and he gives me a great one line idea for a post to share, He rarely gives me all of the pieces all at once.

It is something that happens over time. Maybe a few weeks, and maybe just a few days, but I am trusting this process to help me not only deepen my relationship with my Creator, but maybe in all of this, help you deepen yours.


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