Inside out

My emotions are on high today. I'm feeling all ofit bubbling just below the surface. I'm glad none of it has anything to do with my kids which is great. The problem lies with my mom again. She has kidney stones. She went via ambulance to the emergency room last night and the cat scan... Continue Reading →


Love is amazing. God’s love is in fact the most amazing thing ever. I am astonished at how in times when I feel the most alone he reveals to me how untrue that is. I went to church this morning. Feeling sad and alone. And guess what? Well God spent the whole service telling me... Continue Reading →


I’ll see you. I think its pointless but I will do it.  Call after 8:15pm. I want the kids in bed before I leave. I told my mom I am going out with work friends so this time you get to be the secret. I hope this visit isn’t going to make this worse. I... Continue Reading →

The Talk

So Carlos wants to talk. Now I don’t see the point. I can’t figure out how it could possibly be could to see the person you love and have them try to explain to you how exactly it is supposed to be better this way. So tomorrow night we will meet up and after having... Continue Reading →

Too Much

Love is an interesting thing. When most people have it they take it for granted. I had love.  And I cherished it. I was grateful to have it. The person I loved knew it and they were grateful too. But there are people on this planet that will stop at nothing to make sure that... Continue Reading →

The Stone – DMB

I’ve this creeping Suspicion that things here are not as they seem Oh, reassure me Why do I feel as if I’m in too deep? Oh, I’ve been praying For some way to show them I’m not what they see Oh, I have done wrong But what I did I thought needed be done I... Continue Reading →

The Ghost of You

Ghost of You – Selena Gomez Turn my back, to the door Feel so much better now Don’t even try anymore Nothing left to lose There’s a voice that’s in the air Saying don’t look back no where There’s a voice that’s always there And I’ll never be Quite the same As I was before... Continue Reading →

If you read this

I am sure you can see that my blog is gone. I moved it. I didn’t want you to read my thoughts. I felt like if you could it would be an intrusion since I know nothing that goes on in your life and I know its best that way. I don’t think I want... Continue Reading →

The End

All stories have ends, Some are happy and some are sad. So far for me, all the endings to the stories that I have participated in have been sad. This post is no different. I am not Dorothy and this isn’t the wizard of oz. There was no water for me to throw on the... Continue Reading →

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