Today has been Dave Matthews day. I rarely listen to him now. Depending on the song that is. Crash is my heart song since I was 16. Rapunzel is my naughty song. You and me is just a sweet song. I Did It is my love bomb song. 41 is my life song. (Tattoo still... Continue Reading →

Never Going Back Again

Fleetwood Mac - Never Going Back Again   She broke down and let me in Made me see where I've been Been down one time Been down two times I'm never going back again You don't know what it means to win Come down and see me again Been down one time Been down two... Continue Reading →

Who’d have known

I love this song. It's for my Joe. It's 5 o clock in the morning, Conversation got boring, You said you're going to bed soon, So I snuck off to your bedroom, And I thought i'd just wait there, Untill I heard you come up the stairs, And I pretended I was sleeping, And I... Continue Reading →

It’s just a sofa

Okay so random post for today. My favorite neighbor broke parole a few months ago and so back to jail he went. Well today they threw all of his stuff outside. It was really sad. Now the terrible part is that I took the mans couch. It's a nice couch. Plus I can't even begin... Continue Reading →

Kiss Quick

This song has been my mantra this week. I just keep listeing to it over and over. I love the rhythm, the lyrics. Nothing about it I don't love. Plus I feel like it speaks to me, I feel like the woman in the song. Listen to it. Its beautiful. Let it flow over you.... Continue Reading →

Musical Ecstasy

The pathway to my soul. I always want it playing. The sound, the notes, the lyrics, reverberating through the bottom of my soul. Feel it powering my cells. Depending on the sound and the song and the meaning it can power me up, power me down, or drain me, lift me up, drag me down,... Continue Reading →

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