672 things to write about: Thing #2

Well isn't this just a steamy affair all of a sudden... This naughty little book just asked me to write a sex scene I wouldn't show my mother. Hold on to your $%#^ peeps, and be forewarned. The content below can be only read by a mature audience. Or rather an audience old enough to... Continue Reading →

Corny and Mushy……..BEWARE

Mushy - adjective, mush·i·er, mush·i·est. 1. resembling mush;  pulpy. 2. Informal . overly emotional or sentimental: mushy love letters. Corny - 1. of or abounding in corn. 2.Informal . a. old-fashioned, trite, or lacking in subtlety: corny jokes. b. mawkishly sentimental: a corny soap opera.   Occasionally, or perhaps more than occasionally I find myself doing things that are very corny and very cheesy. I can't help it. It is the hopeless romantic in me who is in fact very very hopeless. Last weekend in the trenches of sickness... Continue Reading →

Uh oh…..

It's getting hot in here..... You know what the difference between naked and almost naked is? Mr. Bubbles.... Love Always, Lady X


His hands reach out to touch my face Then reach around to grab my waist To pull me against him To touch To feel His mouth so close My neck My chin My cheeks are pink I blush I gasp My teeth in his shoulder His grip tightens He growls Fingers laced above my head... Continue Reading →

Thinking Naughty

Here is what happens when me, a bikini and tequila get all mixed up. I write a naughty poem. It's titled Fire, and I wrote it right after the creepy drowning one. Your mouth on mine Your hands they trace My curves, my lines My memore erased Your tongue Your taste Sets me ablaze Wild... Continue Reading →

The Game

In my need for some intellectual foreplay last night, and with no one to play with I decided to write some girl porn. I wrote this fairly quickly and it is a bit juicy so I forewarn you that if you don't want to read my dirty one night stand story that is equivalent to... Continue Reading →


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