God’s Grace

The sun and stars have disappeared
So lonely is my sky
The brightness that once lit my world
Has gone to run and hide

No more is my heart full and warm
It’s Cold empty black and grey
Why is this world so dark and damp?
What has made it this way?

Can life be brought back into view?
Can peace be sent to start anew?

The blackness envelopes all I see
No room left in my life for me
Please someone come take my hand
I need to be brought back to land

At the end I see a light
It pulls me towards it
Without a fight
And at the end what do I see

Sweet Love, Sweet peace
God’s Grace for me
To begin anew I start off fresh
A New Day is here
Blessed love be my nest
No sweeter place for my head to rest
Than in my Lord’s mercy and in his hand I am pressed.

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