Many a Poem

The minutes pass by slow and daunting
While the scent of you is ever haunting

My heart will dream of moments new
When your lips and mine are tried and true

And when finally our hearts become one
A love that is hotter than the sun

We will look back and say
Patience was truly love’s only way



Your kisses burn me up inside
Your touch causes me to sigh

Your breath on my face is like a drug
One taste is truly not enough

How can I wait so patiently?
For Life to clear a path for me

But wait I shall to feel your touch
Since time together is never quite enough



Oh that the hours become days
That missing you should create a craze
In my soul a searching need
To kills you till I cannot breath



Thoughts of you keep stacking up
Till thoughts of you are not enough

My eyes sparkle as I think of you
Our love so precious yet so few

Our time together cut in half
Patience our life line to a love that lasts

My heart will linger as long as it takes
Even forever couldn’t be too long to wait



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