He stared into me, as if he could see the very blood that boiled and coursed through my veins. His eyes a mirror of passion and want. One that could not be satiated. His eyes spoke volumes of his love and his commitment to me. And for once in my life, I knew love, knew... Continue Reading →

She was crazy that way

Today's blog post is from my 642 things to write book. The title was where I started.  Enjoy:There were times when she was all dolled up. Her make up pristine. Her hair perfect. Not a stray out of place. Her lips full, pouty, and glossy. Kissably so. Those days were few and far between though. Her... Continue Reading →

What to do?

Business is the thing that steals joy and time. Unless you are doing something you love.  Then this phrase can be followed up with the saying that if you are doing what you love, you need to find a balance between doing what you love how you love it and taking the part where you... Continue Reading →

Tortured Artist

Melancholy music is in fact bad for me. I swear it enhances my need to create art in a very vibrant and intense way but also makes it where I am tortured by images, and words and idea. This torture has gone on now for a week. And while last night I was ready to... Continue Reading →

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