Creativity Defined as…….

My brain wants so much to write. I am however without the time to develop the things that my mind is quite content on writing. So instead all of my wonderful musings, which by the way were many when I was quite inebriated with pain killers after my surgery, are all long gone. I reach... Continue Reading →

Tortured Artist

Melancholy music is in fact bad for me. I swear it enhances my need to create art in a very vibrant and intense way but also makes it where I am tortured by images, and words and idea. This torture has gone on now for a week. And while last night I was ready to... Continue Reading →

Creative Rush

Last night as I was laying in bed, nursing the toddler and unable to type a thing based on her position I sat with an inability to create anything. I found that my mind was then bombarded with so many things that I could write at once that I just didn't even know what to... Continue Reading →

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