The deep of the ocean

So many things to say. How to write them all. I worry sometimes at my inability to express all that I feel. Sometimes feelings so much can be overwhelming.  I have realized that I had suppressed so much of how I felt about things in this life that when I finally did remember what it... Continue Reading →

Wish Granted

So yesterday, when I told Joe that I had to take the girls to their dad's he was sad. He thought we were going to get to go to the park this weekend and have a picnic with the kids. Well it turns out that our wish is granted. My ex calls me yesterday to... Continue Reading →

She made him a Valentine

My oldest Faith is a tough cookie. Out of all the kids my divorce was hardest on her. Not because she wanted me to be unhappy with her dad. But just because she wanted to NOT have a step dad. So she has made baby steps with Joe. She made him an unprompted Valentine. My heart... Continue Reading →

A Weekend Off

I can't remember the last time I had two days off in a row. I haven't had it happen in so long that I want to smash everything I can think of in the two days I have. I also never have the same days off as Joseph. That being said, we stayed up till... Continue Reading →

Whole again

Tis weekend was my ex husbands weekend to have our girls. I hate sharing. I'm pretty stingy with what I think is mine and I'm not gonna lie. The girls are mine. I'm not saying he doesn't deserve time with them or that he doesn't love them. I'm saying that even though his visits are... Continue Reading →

The Ex

Ex –noun Informal . a former spouse; ex-wife or ex-husband. Every adult on this planet can say that they have an "X". This is the person that while you may have shared nice or pleasant times with currently is referred to by the derogatory letter X. X is a negative letter to begin with. Cartoons... Continue Reading →

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