Cigarettes and a Show

Today is Thursday. I only know that because I worked. I tend to forget what day it is when I'm not at work. For instance I didn't know yesterday was Tuesday because I didn't care. Monday night the kids went to dads and I was reunited with my Joe. I hadn't seen him in near... Continue Reading →

The Law of Attraction part one

Rather than a stuffy dictionary definition I am giving you today the law of attraction. The Law of Attraction simply says that you attract into your life whatever you think about. Thanks to another blogger I have decided that I must blog on this. I find the concept totally fascinating. It is amazing to me... Continue Reading →


Fear –noun 1. a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain,etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling orcondition of being afraid. 2. a specific instance of or propensity for such a feeling: anabnormal fear of heights. 3. concern or anxiety; solicitude: a fear for someone's safety. Most people will experience fear... Continue Reading →


Stress –noun 1. importance or significance attached to a thing; emphasis: to lay stress upon good manners. 2. Phonetics . emphasis in the form of prominent relative loudness of a syllable or a word as a result of special effort in utterance. 3. Prosody . accent or emphasis on syllables in a metrical pattern; beat.... Continue Reading →

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