A Girl Like Me

A girl like me is hard to findGeeky and nerdya raven haired goddess divineSensible and smartBrains and a little brawnVoracious and sultrySassy and sweetKissable and cuddlyTasty completeA little bit naughtyA little bit niceA lady during the dayA bad kitty at nightWhat could possibly handle this mess?Just a sexy beast is allAnd he holds on with... Continue Reading →

The little things

Point cracks me up the things in this life that truly make me happy. Most of the time it is something small and might be stupid to someone else. For instance my littlest daughters is 3, 4 in October. She and I have our own kiss now. Seen cloudy with a chance of meatballs? Well... Continue Reading →


His hands reach out to touch my face Then reach around to grab my waist To pull me against him To touch To feel His mouth so close My neck My chin My cheeks are pink I blush I gasp My teeth in his shoulder His grip tightens He growls Fingers laced above my head... Continue Reading →


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