Choosing Victory

I have been on a journey of freedom this past three weeks. To open myself up to seeing all of the things that God wants to transform in my life and giving him the free reign to change me, to change my life and to shed light on my foot path. It is not easy.... Continue Reading →

A love letter

As I was finishing my prayers and my study, this love letter came to me. I pray that it blesses you as it has blessed me. God wants us to live in freedom. The key to freedom is what are we focused on? He wants to be our focus. Focus on anything other than him... Continue Reading →


in·fin·i·tes·i·mal (/ˌinfinəˈtes(ə)m(ə)l/) adjective 1. extremely small."an infinitesimal pause" minute, tiny, minuscule, extremely small, very small Our universe is so expansive. To consider how big we are in the grand scheme of things is to become overwhelmed by the magnitude of creation. We are in fact infinitesimal. So very small in the world, in the universe... Continue Reading →


The keys have been turned in. The door locked behind me. The place that started my freedom. Apartment #1113. I am only slightly melancholy that we moved. That place was tiny, and we had outgrown the space since our family had grown from 4 ladies roughing it, to a family of five with a man of... Continue Reading →


Words escape me now. I find myself trying to grasp at the english language helplessly as the words to describe feeling whole are hard to find for me. As I sit at my desk, the aroma of his scent lingers in our bedroom. It calls me into sweet memory of only hours ago when he... Continue Reading →

Nobody’s home

I have dealt with a lot of hard things in this life. I have come away from these experiences having grown, having learned, and being just a little bit better for it. I have decided that it is harder to deal with some of the small things than it is to deal with some of... Continue Reading →


I realized something today that broke my heart. I was talking to my three year old and she was rather upset that all the other kids get to go to school and she gets to watch them leave, when I realized something. My baby is gone. This is a hard realization for me. I just... Continue Reading →

The First Night

First –noun 10. the person or thing that is first in time, order, rank, etc. 11. the beginning. 12. the first part; first member of a series. I left my husband on the 1st of the year. I thought it was poetic to start my life over with my kids on the 1st of 2011.... Continue Reading →

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