I love you

So a girl can have the best of both worlds. I have a secret. Shhh. Don't tell. But this month, on New Years Eve, at 12pm, Joseph and I will be eloping. Eeeek! My little girls will give me away, some little handwritten vows at a tree that is more than a hundred years old Joseph and... Continue Reading →

Desperate for his tender kiss

The most dangerous kiss is not the passionate one that ignites the fire deep inside me It is not the kiss that expresses the depth of how much you missed me while we were apart It is not the kiss that pulls me into sweet blissful distress, breathless, longing, aching for all of you It... Continue Reading →

Pocket Heart

So my honey is still sick. He goes back to the doctor tomorrow. I haven't seen him since Friday and yes, I do know that's not that long ago. But I miss his face. His smile, his laugh. And a whole host of other things that would turn this post into more naughty than intended.... Continue Reading →

My heart

My heart flies on the wind Wild and free Blowing here and there No place to be It follows the rhythm of the breeze Flittering like a honey bee It looks for sweet nectar It looks for Sweet love It looks for the sugar Craved as the tastiest of love The honey is on my... Continue Reading →

Return Love

Oh the days and oh the nights When my love is not entwined in my sight When my eyes can't see his eyes When my lips cant feel his smile My heart just longs to feel his body lie next to mine a while My bed so lonely without his embrace So cold and so... Continue Reading →

Thinking Naughty

Here is what happens when me, a bikini and tequila get all mixed up. I write a naughty poem. It's titled Fire, and I wrote it right after the creepy drowning one. Your mouth on mine Your hands they trace My curves, my lines My memore erased Your tongue Your taste Sets me ablaze Wild... Continue Reading →

My Wind

The wind blows me here and there Like leaves falling, I know not where It blows through my heart My soul my mind Hollow and empty is the space it finds But wait it whispers softly to me The wind, the breeze, my secrets it breaths My past, my present, my future Laid bare My... Continue Reading →


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