It is a different world we gamers live in. Because it is any world we choose. Which is great sometimes. What is even better? Dating a gamer. Here is why:   They think you are sexy despite the fact that you are in sweats and have crumbs on you. They are just geeked out that you are playing Skyrim... Continue Reading →

Too late

After some late night reading of my own work I am amazed at how love feels.  I am also amazed at how it is taken away. Humans need to feel love. It's how we are created. So how is it that something so fundamental to our survival is something we either chase away, give away,... Continue Reading →

Sunshine and rainbows

As I sit in my living room, yogurt eaten, house almost totally clean and miles of laundry begging me to fold and put it away I rest. I am basking in the glow of the sun through my porch window. Feeling the sun warm me and the doggies. It is nice to be quiet for... Continue Reading →

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