Locked out of Heaven

Weird that today Bruno Mars said it best. Heard this on the radio and thought of my sweetie. I really did feel like I had been locked out of heaven. For too long. I love you Joseph.Bruno Mars: Locked out of Heaven   One, two, one, two, threeOh yeah yeahOh yeah yeah yeahOoh!Oh yeah yeahOh yeah yeah yeahOoh!Never... Continue Reading →

Never Going Back Again

Fleetwood Mac - Never Going Back Again   She broke down and let me in Made me see where I've been Been down one time Been down two times I'm never going back again You don't know what it means to win Come down and see me again Been down one time Been down two... Continue Reading →

Who’d have known

I love this song. It's for my Joe. It's 5 o clock in the morning, Conversation got boring, You said you're going to bed soon, So I snuck off to your bedroom, And I thought i'd just wait there, Untill I heard you come up the stairs, And I pretended I was sleeping, And I... Continue Reading →

The Lake

I am wide awake. The night is quiet. The only sounds are those of the crickets and other night creatures that make up the sounds of nature going on around me as I look at hundreds of stars. I look around the lake, the water is black glass. Calm and placid. Beautiful in its design.... Continue Reading →

5 o’clock in the morning

I just took a great nap. I feel pretty good. I am listening to that song in the above mentioned title. It's the song I think of everytime I am awake at this time. And since I have spotify I can listen to it because I was just thinking I really wanted to hear it.... Continue Reading →

Musical Ecstasy

The pathway to my soul. I always want it playing. The sound, the notes, the lyrics, reverberating through the bottom of my soul. Feel it powering my cells. Depending on the sound and the song and the meaning it can power me up, power me down, or drain me, lift me up, drag me down,... Continue Reading →

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